Welcome to the Interdipartimental Research Center on the Cybersecurity of Electrical Infrastructure (Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sulla Cybersecurity delle Infrastrutture Elettriche, CIRCIE) of the University of Genova.

CIRCIE combines the expertise and skills of researchers working at the edge the Electrical Engineering and the Cybersecurity research areas to jointly tackle the challenge of protecting electrical infrastructures (e.g. electric grids) from cyber attacks.

CIRCIE is a joint initiative of

of the University of Genova.

New! Principi, Linee Guida e Good Practices per la gestione della Cyber Security, Resilienza e Business Continuity degli Operatori Elettrici

New! Principles, Guidelines and Good Practices for management of Cyber Security, Resilience and Business Continuity of Electric Operators